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How do I make a difference in the world? What can I do to help end human trafficking? What are sustainable solutions to ending global poverty? How can I be a part of the solution and not part of the problem? Whether you are trying to be a conscious consumer or start your dream business or nonprofit to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, we’re here to help. The FAIR Talks Podcast educates everyday people for extraordinary change. Together, we’ll be diving into fair trade, sustainability, and working effective solutions to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems. From combatting human trafficking to what coffee to drink, we are going to cover the ‘who, ‘how, and ‘why’ all the topics about the people behind the products we buy every day. You’ll hear from industry experts, social entrepreneurs, and fellow world changers with experience working on the ground from some of the world’s most difficult places. Be inspired with actionable steps and tips to help you make better daily decisions to create extraordinary change. Shownotes: https://www.fairtradela.org/podcast Follow us on social @FairTradeLA

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Wednesday May 08, 2024

Trade in your cynicism for some hope in this heartwarming conversation with Gretchen Huijskens, founder and CEO of Trades of Hope. She shares with Elisha her journey transitioning Trades of Hope from a charity to a direct sales model and how that benefits both the artisans and the sellers. Gretchen highlights her hopes for her new book and how she hopes Trades of Hope will expand in the future. Finally, they both share about how their work in Haiti and the importance of long-term economic solutions to grow a brighter future.
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Wednesday Apr 03, 2024

Put on your dancing shoes–we’ve got a special treat for you today! Bethany Tran of the Root Collective walks us through the process of making fair trade shoes, from how the soles are developed to sourcing their materials. She also shares why the company made the switch to pre-orders for their shoes and how they incorporated pre-loved shoes into their overall business model. Finally, Bethany and Elisha highlight challenges facing small fair trade brands in a tough economy and share practical ways customers can support their favorite companies.  
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Wednesday Nov 08, 2023

Calling all tea-lovers! We’ve got a flavor-packed episode for you today. Elisha is joined by Paul Bain, founder and CEO of JusTea, to talk about their fair trade partnerships with small-holder Kenyan tea farmers. Paul describes how they were able to set up tea cottages after working to enact legislative change in Kenya and why they’ve worked with women’s cooperatives right from the start of the business. He also shares a surprising fact about where tea comes from and why purple tea is so rare. Finally, Paul talks about why getting JusTea fair-trade certified was so important to the foundation of their business.
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Wednesday Oct 25, 2023

We’ve got a sweet treat for you today! Hear from Abby Noel Davison at Tony’s Chocolonely about the company’s fair trade chocolate journey. She shares with Elisha how storytelling and raising awareness about human rights issues in the chocolate industry is baked into their branding and production decisions. They also talk about how addressing child labor directly and compassionately with producer groups leads to stronger supply chain relationships. Finally, Noel shares some encouraging and systemic changes that have happened in the West African cocoa industry in the last 20 years.
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Wednesday Oct 04, 2023

In this episode, Elisha talks with Jenny McGee about her journey from a small town in Indiana to launching a nonprofit to support survivors of human trafficking in Southeast Asia. She talks about the importance of developing survivor leadership in all areas of their business, not just production, to foster a different future for themselves. Jenny also shares how the Starfish Project builds a culture of trust across cultural differences and emphasizes the need for a team-oriented mindset that prioritizes each person’s gifts over their educational backgrounds.
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Wednesday Sep 20, 2023

Welcome back to another season of the Fair Talks podcast! Today’s guest, Manish Gupta, shares his journey from majoring in chemical engineering to co-founding a powerhouse global fair trade brand - Matr Boomie. He tells Elisha about the companies’ commitment to partnering with at-risk communities and how those artisan groups have evolved since working with fair trade. They dissect the importance of quality control, why emphasizing artisan’s artistry matters for high-quality products, and how to bring that same quality into every aspect of a fair trade business. Finally, Manish shares just how transformative self-confidence can be for their artisan partners.
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Wednesday Jun 07, 2023

Ever wondered what a typical day is like for someone who benefits from a fair trade enterprise? Join Elisha for a special episode with Daniel Sainnatus, a local leader in Haiti working to foster change. He shares how education has impacted what he believes is possible and the lessons he’s learned from starting a business, while also highlighting the ways that fair trade businesses have given him opportunities that wouldn’t otherwise be available to him. He describes what an average day in a local village is like and the challenges of finding water, electricity, and other basic needs. Finally, Daniel and Elisha discuss why it’s so important for him to stay in Haiti and bring change to his village.
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Wednesday May 17, 2023

Enjoy this insightful conversation with Olowo-n’djo Tchala, founder and CEO of Alaffia! He shares with Elisha the process of how he started fair trade cooperatives to support farmers & makers to employ their vast knowledge to create excellent products while protecting the power of collective bargaining. He shares the process of bringing traditional African values and knowledge to fair trade and why it’s important to consider the production structure of our goods, not just the materials. Learn how implementing an ‘investment forward’ strategy creates a more stable community future. Finally, he shares the challenges and opportunities for adapting policies and certification standards shaped by Western belief systems into local community contexts and the impact of adapting key elements of a community-centered model so that more people can gather under the fair trade umbrella.
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Wednesday May 03, 2023

We are pulling back the curtains to give you a behind-the-scenes look at running Fair Trade LA! In this intimate episode, Elisha chats with four Fair Trade LA board members about their paths towards fair trade. They share creative tips for finding like-minded folks passionate about social & environmental justice in your local community and how to build a fair trade community from the ground up. Plus, hear step by step tips for creating and promoting events and how to share sobering information with infectious enthusiasm. Our board members offer resources for starting a fair trade campaign, how our nonprofit is structured, why we fundraise, and where donation dollars go to make the most impact for a better world.
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Wednesday Apr 19, 2023

Continue learning about fair trade fashion in honor of Fashion Revolution Month! Elisha chats with Jessica Ray, Executive Director at GOEX Apparel, a fair trade apparel manufacturer in Haiti, about her journey from high-end luxury retail to ethical fashion. Jessica shares how the fair trade community fosters an abundance mindset and specific lessons the fair trade world can apply to scale our businesses and impact. She details how GOEX Apparel has transformed from its early days into a factory that employs over 77 people full-time while reducing the carbon footprint of their fabric. Both Jessica and Elisha share their experiences building businesses in Haiti and the importance of investing in and prioritizing holistic wellbeing in the workplace.
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